Marbella Holiday rentals

A client of ours, who was listing their property for sale through our website has asked us, to now list their property as a holiday let.  In most cases this is quite straightforward . In this case we had quite a bit of work to do before this could be possible. Nothing to major , but a total redecorate, and some refurnishing.  The actually snagging list was quite large, but no sense going into that in to much detail.  Anyhow decided to record a before and after video,  for fun. There is no budget for employing an interior designer , so we are trying to work with what we have as much possible   to help the  owners pocket . We feel changing beheads and bedroom furniture will help immensely. Room colors  to, and providing  family size eating tables for the interior and terrace is  also really important. I hope to be able to do some midway vblog but a nice marketing video Is sure to follow. Any of these videos can also be found at