Marbella Holiday Homes Part 2

Urb Marberia is a development in Marbella about a seven minute drive from Puerto Banus.

We put together this vblog in the hope  to help other owners who are undecided in what to do with their  Marbella Holiday property. This one is if fact part 2 and if you missed the introduction you can find that here.   As of writing we are in the first quarter of 2012. The news in saying the prices of homes are still dropping and the banks are in no mood to lend any money for the purchase of properties, especially if they have a number of their own properties still their  books.  As an owner it has become clear that, its going to be a long wait, to achieve the heyday prices of 2005 if one is hoping to sell.  Options are to rent out your property. Either long term or  as a holiday  home. The latter still meaning you still get to enjoy your property.  

Incase the VBlog introduction we outlined what will need to be achieved to be able to let a property that needs some work to be able to put on the Marbella Holiday rental market.  In this case the owner didn’t have a big budget , especially as the idea was to the let the property in the first place to help with the running costs

So it was to start with, out with the old furniture before we could really get started.  One thing we did find out is that there is no value in  Second hand furniture when selling, in fact we spoke to a number of  house clearance companies that  just weren’t interested. In the end we had to give the furniture away, but in reality to have to have  hired a man, or men rather men and lorry  we would have been quite expensive.  So it was a break even deal,  I feel.

 The apartment is around  145 m2  3 beds and two baths , and hadn’t  never really been finished.  Plus we had , an installed air-conditioning unit that  was in place but  low ceiling and caballing was still unhidden. Glass with wholes in for the air-conditioning pipes that needed to be replaced. Blinds that were tiered or broken and needing repairing – replacing.  Broken floor tiles needed to be replaced and the old grout in some places needed to be removed and reapplied . A water pipe that protruded dangerously from the wall and for some reason every tap in the apartment was loose.

Below is a list of the local companies that helped us out and that we can happily recommend.

Persisol  Sl  Marbbella  fixed the blinds

Crisur  Cristaleria Sl fixed the windows

Instaladora Ortiz Sl  fixed all the plumbing issues

 Xxxxxxxxxxx      Moved light fitting and placed sockets

Leroy Merlin supplied the painting materials and curtains + Fittings   

Jeans Emporium has so far been the main supplier of the new –second hand furniture.

All in all for a very reasonable price  CMH.Properties has managed to help  an owner out of a tricky position, of not knowing how to go about a small renovation project with the plan of letting to the public.  

The owner now has a property that their clients will be very happy to stay in and will still be able to enjoy the property with money to spare.

The main marketing video VBlg you will be able to find here and here once completed

We thank you for reading this far and hope to hear from you soon if you have any questions or need help in discussing , a similar project