Marbella villas for sale


Marbella villas for sale. This video is about the 4 bed in El Rosario Marbella for sale we made earlier. I did leave out some important information and felt that an update about the neighbouring tree’s is necessary. For unclear reasons these tree’s south of the villa were cut down by the respective owners. Not a huge issue but the villa now has a different view. This really is a temporary loss of privacy as one can plant one’s own trees like the Aussie Willow that will grow to about 25 feet in height apparently in 3 years. One could always purchase grown trees.   I also never mentioned the opportunity to develop under the house and the kitchen by the pool. This would make outside entertaining on this level a breeze.  Also in this room is the pool equipment for easy maintenance.  You will see in the video that we are looking at a narrow low room but in actual fact, it has been segregated. One can knock down this partitioned wall, then excavate.  This will increase the living space considerably. Basically giving you another floor. An architect allegedly mentions this is very possible.  For the most recent price for this villa please visit our flyer

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