Charles Mackenzie-Hill 



Hello, my name is Charles Mackenzie-Hill.

Originally from England (where I was educated at Millfield School in Somerset. I moved to Marbella, Spain in 1997 as have had a passion for Spain since my childhood.

Both my late parents where in property so I am continuing with the family tradition. My other passion is photography and video, which is a great asset when it comes to marketing your property.

 My Spanish wife Carolina was born in Marbella and was formally trained as an estate agent with Llano, a Spanish Estate agent founded in 1976. Carolina ran this office for seven years.

Combining our two cultures with work and raising our three Children here in Marbella Spain provides us with an excellent understanding for what to look for when considering moving to Spain, purchasing a holiday home or retiring over here.

As a professional team with a great knowledgeable of Marbella and the surrounding areas, with good connections, fabulous videos and attention to Social Media, we believe that we can provide a personal service when it comes assisting you to either to purchase or sell your property.

We also have a successful letting section, which our many testimonials will attest to.  

Our aim is to concentrate on realistically priced properties in a good location, spending our time and resources focusing on this handpicked portfolio of fabulous real estate in this diverse area of Spain.

We often upload our videos to our Youtube channel which is a community in its self. By subscribing to our channel this is great way to get know us and to be updated with new listings.

If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch

Charles Mackenzie-Hill